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                Specializing in the development and production of pharmaceutical spray pumps.

                Founded in 1996

                ABOUT US

                Founded in 1996
                The market share of Chinese medicine spray is nearly 30%.
                China is the first research and manufacturing enterprise for pharmaceutical spray pumps.
                Exports to North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and more than 30 countries
                It meets the GMP standard and has a 10,000-grade purification workshop.
                Over750,000 units per day,Annual production over 200000000
                PRODUCT CENTER
                Our Advantages
                • Product stability

                  From the design - process - production - inspection, there are strict procedures and standards to ensure 100% qualified products.

                • Team stability

                  The company's main technical and management teams have been serving the company for more than 10 years.

                • Customer stability

                  80% of the top 100 pharmaceutical enterprises in China are our customers, and their products are exported to more than 30 countries.

                • Steady Business Style

                  Since its inception, the company has been positioned in the development and production of medicinal sprinklers.

                NEWS CENTER
                OUR CUSTOMERS

                Leading in technology, management and service

                Xinjitai pays special attention to maintaining the consistency of every die cavity and strictly controlling every detail from expected production to quality monitoring and inspection. Now we are proud to assure you that every production line and every batch of products have its stable quality.